About Brandon

Brandon Smith grew up on a wheat farm in Kansas and works as a graphic designer in Local 829 up and down the East Coast. Since joining the union as a computer artist in 2006, Brandon’s vast experience with graphics and penchant for period details has landed him jobs on such films as The TownAmerican Hustle and Carol. He is fun to work with, responsible, and is a one-stop graphics department: often tasked with leading, managing, designing, and producing all the graphics for the feature films he works on, Brandon insists on hands-on involvement in creating graphics from concept to set delivery.

Download Brandon’s Résumé

Brandon’s experience spans over 26 years working as a graphic designer in print, packaging, signage, websites, logo and brand creation, feature films, television, and magazine covers. A self-described font nerd, Brandon received his MFA in Design for Film and Stage from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. After graduation, he was asked to join the faculty as an adjunct professor and taught Photoshop for Designers and Introduction to Production Design for three years before migrating to Boston, MA in 2008.

His work in the art department has garnered him two Art Director’s Guild nominations for American Hustle and The Town.



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